Downloading images uploaded by customers from Shopify App to Google Drive

Hi Make community,

I’m running a print on demand e-commerce store selling customized pet portraits. I use the app Uploadly to let customers upload the picture of their pet before completing their purchase.

My goal is to build a scenario that automatically send the pictures they’ve uploaded into a Google Drive folder, so it’ll be faster for the designers to work on the portrait.

Once the portrait is done, I’ll use Klaviyo to send an email with the portrait in attached file or directly in the email, so the customer can validate it. Then I’ll fulfill the order with my POD supplier.

I’ve searched for all the webhooks proposed for Shopify, but I don’t know which one would be the most adapted to download or transfer an image from the Shopify app to Google Drive.

Do I need to create a custom solution using the Shopify App API ? Or is there a more convenient way to automate this ?

Any help would be appreciated, I’m new to Make and I’m trying to build my first scenario :slight_smile:

Just saw Uploadly, it is mapping all the files with the orders so there must be a custom linkage/field in the order that holds the Uploadly files URL. Just try to use Get Order module and check the Meta Data fields or the Custom Fields. You should find some URL from Uploadly.