Error Handling When No Bundle Generated

I’m setting up a scenario to look through my emails and scrape data out of an email I get regularly. However, I want some kind of notification if this fails, such as if the search terms I’m using are suddenly no longer valid because the from email address has changed or something. At present, if the scenario runs and the Gmail module doesn’t find an email that matches, it doesn’t generate a bundle. I’d like to figure out how to get some kind of notification when that module fails to generate a bundle.

Hi Jo,

could you please share some screenshots of how your scenario is running? Maybe you can add a router and a filter and if Total Number of Bundles equals 0 you can go to a route that sends you a notification?


Here’s a screenshot. I can’t found “Total number of bundles” in the filter conditions. Can you point me in the right direction?

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Only “Search” modules output “Total number of bundles”.

What you are using, “Watch” trigger modules, do not output any bundles when there are no new items. When “Watch”-type modules are run and do not output any bundles, that is called a “check run” – and only one operation is consumed.

It is possible to use a “Search” module as your trigger, only if the results contain the date received, so that you can ignore items that were previously handled by the last scenario run.


And it doesn’t look like Gmail has a Search module.

Any other ideas?

You can use the generic Email app instead of the Gmail app.

The Email app has a search module called “Get Emails”, which can filter out results by date (like I mentioned previously).

The Email app is also able to handle Gmail accounts.

For more information on how to connect to Gmail using the Email app, see


Sorry if I’m missing something. I’ve set up the Get Emails module and it still doesn’t look like I’m getting a “Total number of bundles” filter condition?

Also, with the search module, I have to define the “From Date,” right? Is there a variable that I can use that specifies the last time the scenario was run?

Oh right, I forgot the handling for the Emails app is slightly different.

You’ll need to scroll all the way down and select


Then, create a router with a fallback route

and another route that checks for the existance of any field, i.e.: Subject


Ah. Okay. In which case, I can do this with the Watch module (and the Gmail module, for that matter), right?

Yes, there is. Just add the Make “List Scenario Logs” module with these settings.

Then add the Timestamp variable to your “From” field.


Oh, okay, the watch module doesn’t have a “continue the execution of the route even if the module returns no results” option.

Yes, that is correct. Just follow the screenshots above.