Error with Hubspot Update a Record module: [400] Invalid input JSON

Trying to search far and wide for results we are trying to accomplish 2 things, but keep running into problems:

  1. Others have posted and offered solutions to the “Create/Update” module for a contact record in Hubspot. Make no longer offers it as one module but logic needs to be created to Search for a Contact or Get a Contact, and then try to update or create. While there are challenges here its not my primary problem as others have posted possible solutions

  2. My unresolved problem is when I run the “Update a Contact” I get a [400] error.

See screenshots. Any ideas?

[400] Invalid input JSON on line 1, column 151: Cannot deserialize value of type java.lang.String from Object value (token JsonToken.START_OBJECT).

you need to check your hubspot contact id is string if its not you need to convert this in string
and map this to hubspot update module
Best Regards