Failed to load data (Get a quotation - weclapp)

Hello everyone,

I try to get information from weclapp (erp) to HubSpot (crm). If I create a quotation in weclapp the net value of the offer should be connected to the accordingly deal in HubSpot.

My problem is:
When I create a module “Get a quotation” with weclapp I always get the default “failed to load data” although my weclapp account is connected.

Does anybody know what the issue is and how to solve it?

Thanks al lot!


where did you find the Weclapp module? Is this a custom app?


Hi, I guess it is a custom app from I found the invitation for the app on the following website: weclapp mit CRM verbinden, Zapier & Integromat APP


Also in my weclapp connection the Acquired permissions are 0 and I can not change it.

What did you enter for domain?

If your weclapp system is at try to enter only mydomain.

It worked! Thank you!!

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