Hubspot Module Connection Auth Pop-Up Load Failure

Anyone else struggling with authorizing connections in new modules?

When I select a connection, I just end up with a blank pop-up screen (see pics) :sob:

Nothing specific reported on, but there is a partial outtage today (Thursday, 7/13/2023):

If that’s not the culprit, any ideas how to troubleshoot, workaround, or fix?


Hello @mixelpix :wave:

Thank you very much for raising this here!

You seem to be using legacy HubSpot modules. Could you please try to replace them with the newer version and see if that does the trick for you?

If you’re still facing the issue after that, please try using a different browser / incognito mode.

If that’s not working either, could you please open a ticket with our support team? Our agents will investigate then investigate this.

Thank you very much :pray: