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Hi, community!

I’m new to Make and could use some guidance, thanks.

My client is looking for the following:

User 1 fills out a form. After submitting go to checkout. (e.g Stripe payment via Gravity Forms)

If the payment is successful trigger send email to User 2 (Emailadress submitted by User 1).

This email should consist of a template (company branding and standard text content) + data from the submitted form.

Now I don’t know what service to use for the email automation, or if it’s even possible to do the above, without custom code.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi @miltersen,
great use case!

There is a module called Email which you can use.

You need to set it up once and then it’s quite intuitive to use.

Should I try to explain this process or does it help you to know that there is an app for this? :slight_smile:

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Cheers Richard. The email app looks very promising :slightly_smiling_face:
There seems to be some limitations, in terms of content/template customization, but I believe my client will be satisfied with what we can do with Make. I might be back with more questions, as I go through setting up the automation. Thanks.

Awesome! :slight_smile:
I don’t really know what your customers want but you can create templates where certain variables change for every run/customer… This can be done in plain text or html but it is certainly no “drag & drop E-Mail builder”. Therefore Mailchimp or other services might be a good choice?

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Hey @miltersen ,

Most email clients have a place where you can design your email templates and then export the HTML content of that template.

tell your company to provide you with the HTML templates and add them to the email module + the dynamic parameters.

I hope this is enough :slight_smile:


@Wemakefuture great solution!


Hey @miltersen ,

Usually the combination of the below 2 tools makes magic when enriching the EMAIL module content-wise.

HTML Free Online WYSIWYG HTML and HTML5 Editor



Good stuff. Thanks Pierre!


WOW!!! Thank you a lot!! :smiley: