GPT 4o secretary for incoming emails

Hi all,

I’m a Make newbie since yesterday. Great tool! :smiley:

I created a GPT secretary which notifies me when I get an urgent business related email. It’s watching incoming email through the Gmail connection, reading the email and determining what it’s about. If it adds “Urgent email from…” in the response, the response will be sent over Slack as a private message to me. The response will also summarize the content in under 100 tokens.

Now I’d like to extend it to process incoming invoices and selectively send them to our Netvisor accounting system or the accountant. If I try to send the full email onwards with an added note, I run into issues like losing the attachments, unless I branch the execution through a router with separate branches for no attachment, one attachment, two attachments, etc. Feels like someone might have a better solution for this. What I’d like to do is just to forward the full email to the accountant without reconstructing it, except for hoping to add a note on top. There’s no such feature in the Gmail connector.

Some of the emails need to be made into a PDF and forwarded directly to Netvisor. I see some HTML2PDF services, which I first need to subscribe to.

Any ideas or thoughts appreciated.

– Eki