How can I create a global error handler, or try...catch the whole scenario?

Check at my scenario:

All those postgres modules are capturing the error from each module individually and running exactly the same script, basically updating the database with the errors message.

Is there a way to have this behavior centralized? To create a try…catch around the whole scenario and run that task only once?

I appreciate the help, I can’t find anything on the doc, but maybe somebody knows a workaround…

Howdy! @salvipascual Welcome to the :make: Make Community!

Global Error Handling Is Not Currently Available but has been requested on the Make Idea Exchange.
It is not likely we will see this feature soon though.

As a potentional workaround.

only in very specific situations, probably gets complicated really fast in your specific situation

such as not having error handlers but wanting some form of scenario auto-reboot and text notification, you can do this via the make api plus mailhook, that grabs make notification emails to trigger the scenario to start.
or with auto reboot adding errored data to database.

maybe in future

This might make this marginally easier in future.

Trigger scenario subscenario and is planned by the make team to implement
at least complex error flows will be templatizable in the future :smiley:

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