How Can I Sell Discord Memberships on Shopify & Have a "PAID Member" Role Added to User when Purchase

Anyone have any ideas on how to best go about this?

I ideally want to have multiple memberships for different Topics. Which would all be sold for lets say $9.99 a month.

I realized I will need to use a Subscriptions App on Shopify to have reoccurring payments, but how can I make it so that when someone purchases a membership on Shopify, they get a “PAID Member” Role for that specific Topic…

So say I have Dropshipping Channels, Affiliate Marketing Channels, Print on Demand Channels, etc. And someone could buy a $9.99 Monthly Membership to 1 or multiple of these various Paid Roles?

Because the problem is that they would not be a part of the Discord Server just yet, when the trigger for a Sale occurs. But after they buy it, they would receive a link to the Discord Server, and then once joined, I want them to receive which ever “PAID Member” Roles they purchased?

But once again, when the “Watch Orders” trigger on Make gets triggered, they would not yet be a member of the Discord Server… it would most likely be with in a few minutes that they would receive and then click on the link to Join the Discord Server… So I would need the Trigger to maybe wait a few minutes?

I am also not sure if the best way to go about it would be to have 1 Discord Server with various Paid Roles that then give access to those Channels, or if I should just have a different Discord Server for each topic entirely?