How Can I Sell Discord Memberships on Shopify & Have a "PAID Member" Role Added to User when Purchase

Anyone have any ideas on how to best go about this?

I ideally want to have multiple memberships for different Topics. Which would all be sold for lets say $9.99 a month.

I realized I will need to use a Subscriptions App on Shopify to have reoccurring payments, but how can I make it so that when someone purchases a membership on Shopify, they get a “PAID Member” Role for that specific Topic…

So say I have Dropshipping Channels, Affiliate Marketing Channels, Print on Demand Channels, etc. And someone could buy a $9.99 Monthly Membership to 1 or multiple of these various Paid Roles?

Because the problem is that they would not be a part of the Discord Server just yet, when the trigger for a Sale occurs. But after they buy it, they would receive a link to the Discord Server, and then once joined, I want them to receive which ever “PAID Member” Roles they purchased?

But once again, when the “Watch Orders” trigger on Make gets triggered, they would not yet be a member of the Discord Server… it would most likely be with in a few minutes that they would receive and then click on the link to Join the Discord Server… So I would need the Trigger to maybe wait a few minutes?

I am also not sure if the best way to go about it would be to have 1 Discord Server with various Paid Roles that then give access to those Channels, or if I should just have a different Discord Server for each topic entirely?


Hi there.

You need to create a second scenairo for watching new Discord members. You can’t know when they accept the invitation and actually become a new member in advance. So creating it in one scenario and triggering it with Shopify’s Watch Orders doesn’t really make sense to me.

A better approach would be to use Discord’s Watch Guild Members trigger module. Then you can assign the role to the newly created user.

In the first scenario, you can use Shopify’s Watch Order trigger to store the product that the customer bought along with for example their email into the datastore to use later in the second scenario.

Then, in the second scenario, you can add the search records datastore module to get the information about the purchased product and then you can use router and filters to assign the correct role.