How do I create new group DMs in Slack?

Hey, I’m currently trying to create Group DMs with Make in Slack. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create new group DMs but only to write messages in existing group DMs. Is there a solution to this?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it would be the “Create Message” module and you would use the “Multiple IM” channel and provide the necessary User ID’s

Yes exactly, I tried that, but it is only possible if a group chat has already been created with the people. But I would like to create a new group chat with people.

If anyone ever comes across this question via search, that would be the solution:

You need to use the “Make an API Call” module set exactly as it’s shown in the following screenshot. Also, you need to create a new Slack connection and add the additional scopes (also shown below) This API call will create the multiple DM conversation and the module will provide you with the channel ID. This channel ID needs to be used in the next Create a message module. See the screenshots: