How to choose to display stage from only one column in Notion to Telegram

Hello everybody! Thanks for previous replies in my topic Notion to Telegram;)

My problem is that I can’t set the filters so that only 1 exactly column is read, in my case it’s MAIN STAGE column (pic1) and get a Telegram notification only if there is an update in that column exactly.

Now the notifications come when there is a change, for example in the adjacent column (RETAKE), which is not good for me, because I want the notification to come specifically when I make a change in the MAIN STAGE column and not in another one.

Thanks for helping, have a nice day!

Hey @Sviatoslav_M , I don’t think this is possible.
I have no experience with Notion in that kind of way, but I don’t think you can filter on only specific fields.

If you want this to work in that way, you have to:

  • store all records data in some storage
  • with every record update coming in, check your storage if the column you want to check is different
  • update your storage with the new data

Hope this helps you! :wink:

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