How to download a file from pipedrive, and upload the file to asana task

Hello everyone!
I have started my journey with few automations in pipedrive. I am creating scenario for sending all information about pipedrive deal, to asana task.

I had created scenario like this:

  1. List Files in a Deal - Pipedrive
  2. Get a file - Http ( Url from previous module)
  3. Create task in Asana
  4. Update attachment in Asana task

I dont know why, system coudn’t ctach the file. Everything on screenshots

In module 21 you got a 401 error and an error message. That’s not good. It should be 200 if successful.

Make sure your http get authorization is correctly set
Check any other headers you need to send as part of the call to authorize

The connection for the http call must be functional and that can be tricky depending on what pipedrive uses.

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I see, a link is empty. When I take the link from “list files in Deal” and paste it in browser i get such an error.

It looks like a problem with authorization as you said.
I have tested some modules from HTTP category about autorization, but still i am getting code 401.

I don’t undesrtand why I have to autorize my connection if i want download the file from pipedrive. All pipedrive modules in my scenario working just with connection via API button. Screen:

Sorry what do you mean by “api button”?

Pipedrive module uses the connection you created. When using http:

All bets are off and you Must set up a connection manually using the authentication that pipedrive uses.

Pipedrive won’t let you access your files (or allow any api calls via http) without proper authorization. It looks like the api key is used for authentication. Get an api key first and use the api key authentication flow in http module.

by “api button” I mean, previous pipedrive’s modules which just needed to connect my account via easy few clicks.

Now I undesratnd, it’s nessesary to create additional connection via HTTP to download the files form pipedrive. So let’s go with that.

I got my API KEY from pipedrive.
I created “make an API KEY Auth request” module.
I created credential with my API KEY.

And now I have a problem, because i don’t know how to build a “URL”. I found in pipedrive documentation the instruction but it means, I have to create my own aplication in pipedrive marketplace? (screen).

But you already had a url built in this screen shot

Using the api key in the connection for http module this should do it.

As for the app creation I’m not sure that’s necessary unless you are building third party apps but I can’t be sure. I think an api key is enough.

But the problem is that previous URL was just a test. To be honest i don’t know what to type in Url section.

As you can see on the screen, Url section i obligated.

I have tried to paste the link from " Pipedrive list files" module to URL. I created json file in Assana but the data is empty i think because of authorization.

There is a credential problem for sure. You’re getting an authorized access so the api key and connection doesn’t work. If that’s the case no url will work for the api.

Have you tried setting this up in postman first?

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