How to re-test individual modules without re-running whole sequence

I have a Jotform (watch) → Airtable (search records) → Airtable (update records) scenario

It is time consuming to re-input a jotform form every time I re run the scenaio to de-bug the airtable update section. There must be a test mode or something that enables me to keep using the same output bundles, but I cant find it . . .

help please!


Hey @Margaret_Pickering
Yes you can test for same output bundle multiple times using the HTTP Make a Request module. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Copy the webhook URL and paste it into the URL field in the HTTP Make a Request module.
  2. Set the method to POST.
  3. Specify the body type as RAW.
  4. Choose the content type as JSON (application/json).
  5. request content: copied output bundle as the request content.

You may be able to do this by right-clicking the Jotform icon and selecting “Choose where to Start” and select “Choose manually” and you may be able to select an already received record for input.
As for other modules you can select “Run this module” by right-clicking on the module you want to run. Just note you will have to manually input dynamic data when doing it for the module with this step, so you might want to have ID’s written down to paste in as you cannot pull that data from other steps like you normally would.


With Jotform, I think you can also go into your table where the submission is stored, edit it, then submit to re-submit the same form and that may trigger the automations for your purposes.