How to skip ChatGPT module if a cell in Google Sheet is empty

Hi all,

I use Google Sheet for storing facts about different places/products for a listicle blog post. There are 15 columns for 15 product/places.

For example: Cell A2 is a summary of facts of a book 1, B2 contains details of book 2, cell C2 contains details of book 3, etc.

The problem I have is every row has different number of products - sometimes there is a list of 10 products (10 cells used only and 5 are empty) and sometimes there can be all 15 cells used in a row.

I created workflow where 1st module is Google Sheets module and then there are 15 ChatGPT modules and the last one is Wordpress module. In my image there is only 5 for the illustration.

My question: If there are 10 products on a row, can I skip those cells 11-15 if there is no content? I want to skip cells 11-15 and send data from ChatGPT modules 1-10 to Wordpress. Is it possible to create logic to check if there is content in the cell? How?

There will always at least 1 product (at least 1 cell used every time). There can be up to 15 products (columns).

Thank you

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You’ll need to use an iterator to iterate through each row’s column cells, and then use a filter to ignore cells with empty data before the GPT module, then aggregate the results.

Something like this: