How to update progress for long scenarios?

I’m using Make for AirTable automations. Some scenarios are quite long, and the user has no information if the scenario is working, and when it has finished.

Webhook responses AFAIK can only be used once, so I can only let the user know that the scenario has started, but after that, they just have to wait and hope that everything is working.

I would really like a pop-up window or a tab displaying the status in real time, anything that can do that?

Any other ideas?

Thanks a lot for any help

Hello @kozmokr nice to meet you.

If your scenario is ON and running you can open it and on the right side of the page, you can see the status of the process and if you want to see the progress in real time like how many bundles are processed, above the module are displayed the operations performed that can be opened and read including data that have already been processed.

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Thanks for the reply,
I know that I (as the “developer”) can see that in Make, but I also need that the end users, that don’t have access to Make, and only click a button in AirTable would also see some kind of status updates or a progress bar. Anything that will let them know that the process is ongoing.

The only way you can see the progress in real time is by having access in to the Make account.

If you want them to see that the process started you can create and update a column in Airtable with some scenario information, you can use SCENARIO VARIABLES and update that column from Airtable with this information.
In this screenshot, you can see the functions: