💡 How to upload, organize & track incoming bills with automation

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I’m jumping in to share with you yet another brilliant solution built by one of our certified partners. Today, we’ll take a peek at how Jesus Vargas - the founder of Low Code agency - built a system that automatically reads and categorizes your bills.

We love seeing Makers turn a negative into a positive through automation. Today’s case in point: household bills. Relentless, right? But, as certain as death and taxes, this neverending influx of invoices to pay is just a part of life.

So, how can we make the process of managing bills a bit easier? Why not get inspired by the solution built for a LowCode Agency’s client who was looking for a way to upload, categorize, and track incoming bills to save time and effort on this bummer of a task.

:tophat: Let’s put that automation hat on and break things down with Jesus:

What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

It’s difficult and time-consuming to keep up with all the bills associated with your home and property, so we wanted to build an app to track bills using OCR (optical character recognition) and NLP (natural language processing).

Why did the problem exist?

Our client wanted an app where they could upload or email a file (such as a utility bill) and categorize said bill. The app would also allow them to get specific details such as due date, service, amount, etc.

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

Users can upload or email a file directly to the app. We trigger a scenario that makes an API call to an OCR service, which converts the file to text. Then, we parse the text and use the 1SaaS.co module to get the text entities using NLP AI. This is really cool because it lets us categorize the bill according to amount, payment date, etc. Finally, we add the bill to the client’s portal where they can confirm or edit any details and track when they’ve paid it.

the automated steps in a nutshell

What did your solution achieve?

It streamlines the process of keeping track of expenses for homeowners. The main benefits I’d point out would definitely be:

  • reducing unnecessary data entry
  • making it easy for anyone to keep track of bills
  • and, the “wow” factor :arrow_right: providing an extremely powerful solution that previously would only have been available to large companies

Jesus proud of his automation skills :brain:

Pretty neat, amirite? Just imagine all the areas in which you could replicate this solution.

Helpful Resources:

:make: 1SaaS on Make

:arrow_down: And how’s your bill management system? Fully automated yet? Let us know below :arrow_down:


Thanks for sharing!
Definitely Make us our favorite tool to surprise ourselves and our clients.

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That is absolutely great to hear, thanks! :blush:

I created a technolody for extracting data form invoice using OCR (optimized for hebrew and english,
I would like basik tutorial on how to create a modul for Make
see: https://www.doc2txt.com/