HTTP Request: Status Code 401 and “Data: Unathorized”

Hi All
I am having a probel with an http post request. I am watching an invoice in Xero, making http request to Glide API. I have run the Glide curl code in a terminal on my macbook and it functions fine, so it cannot be Glide. Really appreciate any guidance here. Below is screenshot of my HTTP result: I am getting a status code 401 and “Data: Unathorized” result

Could your issue be somewhat related to Failed to verify connection 'My Xero connection'. Status Code Error: 400 - #21? Otherwise, you can try to delete your Xero connection and try re-connecting again.

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A 401 error is an authorization failure. That means the Glide API endpoint doesn’t recognize your authorization request.

On reading the Glide API help docs, it looks like you need to add a Header with your API Key.

This should be a Header named Authorization with the value Bearer <YourAPIKey>

You haven’t expanded the Headers array in your screenshot - did you add this Header?


Hi Dave
Thanks for response - yes I have included the authorization Bearer and double checked multiple times that I have it correct. I spent time on the Glide Community running through potential issues and ultimately it seems Glide is ok - the curl post code worked from a terminal session on my mac. So I am confident Glide properly authorised.