Infinite loop in Instagram auto comment


there’s a bug in the automatic reply template for Instagram Business comments.

It responds in an infinite loop,
I think that each time it responds it considers that there is a new comment to which it responds, and so on.

i have seen the other thread of this but am still stuck with the filter on how to get it to just stop it copying itself this is what I have so far

Hello Josh,

In the first clause of the condition, you can simply apply the condition to the 1.from_username variable.
Your if statement is not correct, the user guide gives:
In your case there is no expression to evaluate.

I hope it helps.




hi there @Philippe_Billet sorry very new to make could you explain a little more


use only this value no need for if condition

Thank you


@CodexSolutions thank you for the push the issue I’m having with this is it not letting anything through the filter

If I well understand, you want to call Instagram module (Create a Reply), only if the variable from_username (from the Instagram module (Watch Events) contains pixelmediaofficial.

Something like this should be sufficient:

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so @Philippe_Billet what is happening is it replies back to to comment fine but then because make has made a new comment it starts repeatedly replying back to its self I want to comment to anyones comment apart from ones make by make or the account if that makes sense

Can you show the output of this ,


just to add this comment is from another account

Please open this as well , want to see what exactly is the incoming

thank you !!


thank you

ok thats fine , what is the issue , it should not run in this case , can you show me the other case where it you got comment from someone else and it did not work and passed the filter ,

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There is certainly something specific that can be used to identify comment produced by Make (e.g., a username…).
If you use a filter like this one:
It will filter the message from Make and avoid the infinite loop (avoiding answering to itself).


again tho doesn’t matter what account is at the moment it don’t allow anything to pass through

Please change your filter to , doesnot contain ,

if it doesnot contain your user name that’s mean it from someone else

thank you


this now works but still repeats the comments

you did not show your latest filter part , can you show that as well ,


Hi @Josh_TG
Thank you for jumping on a call yesterday , please mark this as closed if your issue is solved , thank you

Hi again @CodexSolutions :wave:

Just like I mentioned here: Start + End Date = Timeline in - #5 by Michaela
it would be great if you and/or @Josh_TG could share a brief summary of what you found out together. Thanks to that, other folks searching for similar information in the future can benefit from the knowledge exchanged here.

Thanks a lot :pray:

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