Inserting in to a board on monday

I’m attempting to create a timesheet for staff, the way we have it constructed at the moment is a project board that controls all projects within the company.

I’m going to run a search on the project board to identify all projects scheduled for today.
It then runs a filter to see who it is assigned to.
Then we create a new item in a board called Timesheet.
The item name is today’s date (28th July 2022).
I have a column which is a time tracker and I want to insert into this the start and stop times however it is asking for the column ID.

So when I’m getting the value its called
1. Mappable column values.dup_of_caitlin_time_tracking.additional_value[]: started_at

I’m assuming the column id will be
{{1. Mappable column values.dup_of_caitlin_time_tracking.additional_value[]: started_at}}

Is that the correct way to add it? I’m looking to add a started_at and an ended_at value but not sure how to identify them?

So this is how I’m setting the column names and values.

But this is the output - Its created the item with the name perfectly but not adding the values

Also - How can I get it to check the board “Timesheet” to see if there is already a record for today - then I can update the timer, if there isnt a record then I can create?

I have tried to select the column for the time tracker but I get this:

however this is my board so no idea why it cannot see the time tracker column

Is there a way to force it to insert in to the time tracker column?