Using make to run query and then update a column in monday

Hi Guys,

So I’m trying to generate a spreadsheet for each user on Monday, showing when they start and stop the time tracker.

I’ve currently got a main projects board with an automation set up.
When a user starts their time tracker (using a button) the automation adds a new item to a board called Timesheet. This records the project name, project number & the exact date/time.

Then when the user presses the stop time button, it stops the time tracker and triggers a webhook.

In monday, when the webhook is triggered it goes in to the timesheet and finds the project that has the same name - then updates the “end time” to the current date/time.

Sometimes the user may start and stop the timer multiple times during the day - is there a way to get this scenario to check if this is the latest result added (or even if the end time is empty?

My current scenario is changing the end time column for all items in the board where the job number = xxxxx, which could be several different results.

this is the current set up


Hey Drew,

I’d like to help. Can you clarify your issue?

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