Instagram Business blank page connection

I’m trying to connect Instagram Business to my account since I’ve got my API access.

But impossible to connect the app as I have a blank page during Oauth.

I’ve tried to quit and relaunch, tried multiple times to do it again and again but nothign seems to works. I do not know if you guys already had this issue. I feel Meta is bugging a lot which is kind annoying if we want to be sure that our automation works.

Thanks for your help !

BTW, if you have an answer for this topic too. You’ll be my hero.

Have a good day all !

Looks like you cannot use Brave browser to connect to Facebook.

Try using Google Chrome or another browser in incognito/private browsing mode with extensions disabled, so it won’t block the connection.

If you have a VPN or adblocker (like pihole) on your network, try disabling it too.


Hi !

Thanks for your answer.

I’ve tried as advised different ways to connect it, but none of them worked.

Here is a screenshot of the incognito browser (with Chrome). Still the same issue.

The potential reason of this issue is maybe my Meta account is not set-up correctly yet, which does not allow me to get access. I’ll try to do that before and then I’ll see.

Have a good day !

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I’m suddenly having the same issue. Did you resolve this ?

Yes I have managed to fix the issue.

You need to pass all the step to get the auth for the instagram API. (i still do not have all the auth yet.)

The plateform of META is F nightmare, so many bugs, so much incoherence, but step after step, you can have something.

I guess that was the reason of why it does not works


Heya there @Vivien_Chantrel :blob_wave:

Thanks for sharing the final solution with us. We appreciate it because other users can benefit from your suggestion while solving their troubles.

Keep up the good work!


Yes you’re correct. I’ve had it working before xmas now suddenly the authentication is failing despite so many attempts at configuring instagram/facebook Graph API. So I’ve decided to go with ZAPIER instead.

Thanks for your reply

My pleasure !

We can feel my madness about META and their process, but it is what it is. Their tools are useful, especially combine with yours !

I think it would be useful for Baby developer like a lot of us (including me) who’d like to use Social media API through

Like a Step-by-Step Guide who explain how to get authorization and then, use it for multiple use cases. If you search content idea in this forum. You will save ton of time for us.

There is countless use cases, but we need the Auth… what a fighter journey lol.

Have a great day !