Iterator - linked fields and pdf output

Hello! I am trying to work with Airtable and PDF Filler.

I have a linked record field. In this field I attach all users who are getting a commission on the deal. I add a new record in this field - attach the user to that record and add their relevant commission for that deal.

I then generate all this deal information into a PDF.

I want to be able to extract this commission information (names and amounts), sometimes I can have 4 linked fields, and display these individually on one pdf document like below

I have limited knowledge of Iterator and finding it hard to read between the lines of the support documentation available…

I am getting it to ‘somewhat work’ - but it is processing the scenario multiple times - I know the below isn’t right, but it was my best first attempt.

Can anyone assist with any feedback by chance?

I appreciate this isn’t meant to be an A-Z coaching session - just hoping someone might be able to shed some light

Iterators take an array and create bundles which cycle through subsequent modules in the scenario. Are you passing an array into your iterator? It will help if you share the structure your iterator gets.