script stopped working: invalid URL in parameter URL

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I had a script working well (described here) as of a week ago. Last weekend, it stopped working. I haven’t made any changes and I can’t figure out what it’s doing wrong.

Here’s the schema:

The second text parser is generating data that the is causing problems with the HTTP-GET A FILE module.

When I inspect the output from the text parser, it has successfully parsed the email I forwarded from Amazon that contains links to the two files I want to download. I can see this by downloading the “output bundle” from the second text parser.

The bundle looks like a JSON file, with five packets of data. Each has keys for “element”, “innerContent”, and “attrs”. Attrs is a nested dictionary that I think has the info the HTTP module processes. Of the five packets of data

  • Packets 1, 2, and 5 have attr[href] of email information (,, etc.)
  • Packet 3 & 4 have attr[href] with a HTTP link to the file that should be downloaded by the HTTP module.

I have tested the HTTP addresses by copying them and pasting them into a web-brower. The file is downloaded or displayed, as it should be.

In short, I can’t see where there is an invalid URL that is causing the HTTP module to choke.

Here’s what the HTTP module is set to do:

As I wrote above, this was working fine a week ago but just stopped on Friday or Saturday. I haven’t made any changes. I suppose it’s possible that Amazon did something, but when I copy the HTTP links from the text module’s output, they function normally.

Any suggestions about what I’m doing wrong would be welcome!

Many thanks,

You can add a filter before the HTTP module to check if the variable starts with “https://”


Thanks – that got it working again.

I just don’t understand why it was working one day and two days later just stopped. Very weird :slight_smile: