📚 Mastering the Make Community: Create a Poll

Hey Makers :wave:

Would you like to get the community’s opinion on something?
Here’s how you create a poll to get the community’s feedback.

:one: Click the cogwheel symbol in the text editor and choose the Build Poll option.

:two: A window pops up that helps you build the poll:

  • choose if you want to build a single-choice poll or a multiple-choice poll
  • add the options you want the users to be choosing from
  • define the minimum and maximum number of options a user can mark
  • hit ‘Insert Poll’

:three: Clearly phrase the question that goes with the poll in your post and wait for the votes to start coming in.

:four: Every user can vote only once and the author of the poll can close (and reopen) the poll anytime they like. The results of the poll are displayed like this:

Try it out:

Would you rather

  • accidentally burn all your operations
  • only be able to run your scenarios with the ‘Run Once’ button
  • perform manually everything you’ve once automated
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