Microsoft Teams create new team only possible through group?

I want to create a scenario where a new Microsoft Team is created every time the scenario runs. Why is there no option to just create a team? It seems the only option is to create a team from a group. Is it possible to create multiple teams within a group or would I need to make a nee group for every team I want to create?

Hello @Michael_T

In the context of Microsoft Teams, a “Team” is often associated with an Office 365 Group, it is tied to an Office 365 Group.

If you want to create a new Microsoft Team every time your scenario runs you can consider:

  1. Create a new Office 365 Group with each new Team: Since each team is linked to an Office 365 Group, you can create a new group every time you want to create a new team. This would give you separate teams for each scenario, but each team will have its associated group.

  2. Create a new Team within an existing Office 365 Group: If you want to keep all the teams under a specific group, you can create multiple teams within that group. This approach might be suitable if you want to organize different teams within a single project or department.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t want to make new groups for every team because there is a limit in Office 365 on groups. There is not limit on teams created.

Creating a new team within an existing Office 265 group would seem to be a custom API call because it does not appear to be a standard option for teams.