Connect Boards Issue

Hi…My scenario has an error and when I try mapping the ID#, I no longer have the option to connect to the board the scenario was originally connected to.

I’m trying to map the ID# to connect_board7 but the option to connect it to the linkedPulseId is not showing anymore.

It’s only giving me the option to use connect_board and then the linkedPulseId.

The Get Line Item module shows in the output connect_board7 with a linkedPusleId.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Screenshot 2023-10-12 083923

Hi @nina22 , welcome to the community
Looks like the the last run of that module for particular item was not connected to any board.
Please use filter to avoid error and use error handle properly.
If you want to see the value run that get item module on particular item on which you have the board item connected you will see that value in next steps.

Thank you


Hi @nina22

To solve your issue, please try adding a new module where you can map the field and then copy and paste it into the necessary location.

Alternatively, you can manually input the column ID from the data you receive (connect_boards) to resolve the issue.
Paste in the required field.

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