Monday Update from SMS to Twilio not working (total beginner)

First integration with Make, already stuck.

Hoping to take SMS messages sent to a Twilio number and pass them into Monday to the Item where the phone column matches the number that the SMS is from where they can be recorded as an Update.

A webhook seems to get and pass along the phone number in the From field:

(webhook to respond “instantly” rather than run on timer like Twilio module)

But the Monday Search Items in the Board by Column Values doesn’t find any matching items, or at least there’s no output:

Even though there is an Item in Monday with the matching number in the phone column in the correct Board (spaces are cosmetic additions by Monday, I think, copy-paste is just the digits):

I’ve tried with “Parent ID” set to Yes and No. Not sure what that means. But all I want is the ID, don’t need any column data:

The Update step is waiting, but nothing gets passed to it:

This seems so simple that I don’t even know where to start troubleshooting.

Use a GET an Item module and see what format the phone number is displaying in. Then use the same format in your search module


It appears that the phone number comes in from Twilio with a “+” at the beginning. But Monday wants just the digits. So I stripped the “+” using a substring function.

Still not getting the itemID, though.

I used Get variable to see what was being passed as “ID” and it returned this error:

Missing value of required parameter ‘name’.

Stripping the “+” was key. So was making sure my substring function returned the full number. Once I included the final digit, things worked.