Pdf attachment not sending with Campaign Monitor smart transitional emails

Hi All

Would love some help.

I have scenario where xero module grabs a pdf invoice and attaches it to a campaign monitor transactional email. However the campaign module doesnt send the attachment with the email (but otherwise sends the email fine).

I thought i might have done something wrong so I added a Outlook 365 “send email” module to the mix and that sent the attachment fine

Any ideas

additional comment. it turn out xero doesn’t export pdf as base64 format. is there a way to convert it with in the scenario?

Look into the base64() function @Chris_Martin . If you can’t figure it out, we need some more information :wink:

In order for the us in the community to be able to assist with your question, we would need to get more information like:

  • What are you trying to achieve with the scenario? (eventual goal)
  • What steps have you taken so far to resolve your issue?

Also, please take a camera-viewfinder-duotone screenshot of your scenario along with the relevant module configurations and share-all-duotoneshare the images here so that the community has a deeper understanding of how we could help.

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Thanks for coming back to me, really appreacite it. basically im jst trying to automate the emailing of invoices to clients every day. Xero doesnt send pdf through their “email invoice” api. so need make to help me by grabbing the pdf and attaching it to campaign monitor emial.

I tried the function not really knowing what im doing. still didnt send attachment.

here is the overall scenario, the outlook module is just to see if the attachment is actually able to be sent.

and this is what the output looks like on the attachment bundle

any help would be great

So what is the error from the Microsoft module @Chris_Martin ? Seems like everything is working fine.

So according to Campaign monitor support the attachment is not coming in to campaign monitor as base64 so there system is no recognising it and just sending the email with out the attachment.

the microsoft module is just to help me know that the xero module is actually bringing out the invoice properly.

but as you can see the microsoft email comes with an attachment but the campaign monitor doesnt.

So since the scenario is still sending the email it counts it as a success but its not attaching the pdf to email.

I dont think the base64 is working properly. have i done it right?

this is a snip from what campaign monitor support have sent me that they are receiving. As you can see its not in base64 even though module says its converted it

Sorry here is the snip that campaign monitor sent me