Problem with the start point of a scenario in google sheet

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum, so thank you for your indulgence.

I have created a script that allows you to read the contents of a google sheet, line by line. This file contains urls. Once this url has been read, the Http module will scrape the content of this url. Based on the scraped text, Chatgpt will write a meta description tag and the result is inserted into a google sheet file.

The good news is that the scenario works.

But what I can’t get to grips with is the fact that when I launch the scenario it starts on a random line of the google sheet and then continues on the lines below it. The scenario doesn’t always start on the first line of the table when I run it and I don’t understand why. How can I fix this?


Welcome to the Make community!

This is because you are using watch new rows module instead of a search rows module.

You can either use a search module as a trigger module, or select where to start from the trigger module’s Epoch Panel.


Perfect ! Thanks a lot Samliew