Quickbooks Automation using QB Desktop version


My company uses the desktop version of Quickbooks enterprise (not the online). Our company does not want to change to online because there are certain things that the desktop version has that we need for our company accounting purposes.

However, we are wanting to automate our sales numbers and it seems as though every automation platform only works for the Quickbooks online version.

My question is… does anyone know of any work arounds for this? Is there perhaps an app or software that could allow us to automate for instance sales orders for the week into a google spreadsheet or dashboard? Does anyone know of a way that make could use the desktop version of quickbooks for scenarios? Or a workaround?

Yes we make a solution in make for QuickBooks Desktop. But the source is wildapricot crm. We could sell a license of our scenarios for you to adapt if you’d like.

QuickBooks for Wild Apricot - NewPath Consulting is the website.


Thank you I will check this out!!

@SoundTools its been a while. Have you decided what you’d like to do?

Check out https://www.mydbsync.com/