QuickBooks Customer Custom Field

When creating a customer through a scenario is there a way to add info to QuickBooks custom fields?

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Hi @davideigner,

As far as I can see in their doc, it is not possible at the moment.


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@loic.wiseflow I actually see now that custom fields through the API are available for invoices. Any reason why not on the customer level?
https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbo/docs/workflows/create-custom-fields#advanced-custom-fields:~:text=Name%3B %20}-,Create/update%20custom%20field%20values%20on%20a%20transaction,-We’ve%20created%20and


I am not sure why, either it is not documented or they just did not bother to add those fields to their API. I don’t see a design reason to leave those fields out.