Revert back to Integromat?

We have a scenario that was upgraded from Integromat to Make. It has a connection to Survey123, and the scenario throws an “Failed to verify connection. [498] refresh_token expired” error. However, there’s no “Reauthorize” button for this connection. I’m not the one who created this scenario so I don’t have details to create a new connection so I’m wondering:

  1. Why don’t I have a “Reauthorize” button on this connection?
  2. Can I see how a connection is configured so I can recreate it?
  3. Can I revert back to Integromat where that scenario was working?

Hello @Roland_White!

for 1 and 2 this chrome plugin might help

it allows you to inspect a scenario and remap modules plus some extra debug functions.

for 3: no we3 can not revert to integromat if the transition has been completed.

@Michaela looping you in.

also customer support should be able to help you with the remapping if the chrome dev tool doesnt work.

Heya @Roland_White :wave:

Just jumping in with a bit of extra explanation.

Some connections don’t have the ‘reauthorize’ button because they were not created dynamically. This is something that depends on the specific service you’re working with (Survey123 in your case) rather than on Make itself. In such cases, you would need to delete the old connection and create a new one. When creating a new connection, you can find all the instructions in our Help Center.

Also, just like @JugaadiTech said, once you’ve migrated to Make, there is no way of going back to Integromat. If you’re facing issues and difficulties related to the process, you can always reach out to our Support team who will be happy to help you out.

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Thank you all, this has been very helpful.

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