Revolut Watch Transfers sometimes not receiving "Completed" events

We have a scenario set up that watches that status of Revolut transfers using the Revolut Business module “Watch Draft Payment Transfers”. The possible transfer states are: Created, Pending, Completed, Failed, and Deleted.

The scenario mostly works, but we occasionally see that our scenario does not get triggered when transfers state changes to Completed. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also, I wonder if Revolut Business modules are done by, Revolut, or perhaps some 3rd party. If anyone knows please let me know. This might help me figure out who to talk to first, if necessary.


Looking at webhook queue and logs to see if there any unprocessed - pending records or error is a good place to start, if nothing significant is found there, you may try reaching out to Revolut to check outgoing webhook data logs that will give heads up whether data was handed over to webhook URL.

Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks.