RingCentral SMS works in one Scenario but not another

Hey folks,

I’ve been working to integrate RingCentral into our scenarios to make use of our SMS. I have an issue sending SMS in one of our scenarios with a specific phone number. When the RingCentral SMS step is triggered, if the specific phone number is contained in the “To:” section, the message fails. However, I can use this exact module with this exact phone number in multiple other scenarios and it works fine. I can also send this phone number messages using Twilio instead.

I’ll post a screenshot of the error, but the steps I’ve taken without success:

  • Tried running the same module with the same details in another scenario.
  • Tried adding other phone numbers as recipients in the module.
  • Tried deleting and re-adding the module.
  • Tried cloning the module.
  • Tried looking up the error message at RingCentral, got no more info than is included here in Make.
  • Tried talking to RC support, told them it’s their error code, got told to ask Make instead.
  • Checked and double checked the number to ensure it was correct.

I am probably going to move the SMS texts I’m sending to another scenario instead and try to trigger it in a way that it sends at the same time, but I’d like to keep it where it is and fix the error instead.

See the screenshot attached. Unfortunately since I’m keeping it free of identifying info you won’t get much info off of it but the error.

Hi the phone number has the incorrect format in the JSON (there might be extra space for example). You should use the Phone Number - Parse a Phone Number module were you would parse this phone number and then map the phone number value from the Phone Number module into to Ring Central - Send an SMS module.
This should work.