Scenario: How to delete numbered lists in google docs?

I am making a scenario to generate doc from template based on answers.

  1. Step1
  2. Step2
  3. Step3
  4. Step4

I would like to delete two numbered lists: 2 and 3 from the template.
The result should be:

  1. Step1
  2. Step4

Thanks for your advice.

I am not entirely sure if you want to totally delete Steps 2 and 3 from the template all together or just delete the steps if there is a particular answer?

First make sure that you have {{curly brackets}} around the text that you want to replace. If Steps 2 and 3 are variable then you should make sure they are wrapped in those curly brackets.

It might be a good practice to format Steps2 and 3 as {{Step2}}{{Step2Value}} etc. That way you can leave them blank easier if there is no data.

Hope I addressing this question correctly and can help you out

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That way doesn’t remove number.
We will get:

  1. Step1
  2. Step4