Scenario is not working anymore

Hi community
A Monday Expert implemented an scenario that is suddenly not working anymore (we have enough operations and the scenario is turned on). The expert is not willing to help me.

When I look into the scenario it says that (see printscreen)

Can someone help me?

Hi @Nathalie_Matter,

At first glance, it looks like whatever is coming out of Monday, is being filtered out.

Could you share more details about the data coming in, and which filters are being applied? Based on the screenshot, there’s not much we can help interpret to find what’s causing your behaviour. But it doesn’t look like errors but rather filters being applied.


Hi @Nathalie_Matter

Welcome to community!

This is just saying there is no data with the required filter.
Please provide the history data with the error, so we can investigate further.

If you require additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Hi NolaDigital

Thanks for your message!
Now it looks different:

It seems like all the operations were a success - but on Monday nothing happens.

Hi Mscquare_Automation

Thanks a lot for your message! So nice that the community is so active here. I checked the history of the scenario: It seems like the operatios were an success - but on Monday nothing happens at all. It worked until now, so I’m very confused.


Please provide more details of the problem you facing so that we can get better understanding .


Hey all I know is: it’s an automation that shows statusses & responsible persons from a lot of release-boards in one main overview board. When I change a status in a release board it adapts in the main overview board. This is not happening anymore although it says in the make that the operation was successful.

What other infos would you also need?

@Nathalie_Matter can you show the workflow


Do you mean this @Msquare_Automation

Hey Nathalie,

According to the history logs you shared earlier, your entries are being filtered away between module 19 and 20 (orange)

If you click on the details in the history pane, and click on that filter icon in between (yellow), you’ll see what is being filtered. This should give you an indication of what’s happening :slight_smile:

Most likely, your filters are a bit too aggressive, or something changed earlier up the workflow that’s preventing you to reach the desired end result.

Hope that helps!



Hi Nola Digital

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with Make at all. The Monday expert set up this workflow for me.

When I click on the filter, the following appears:
(about 15 bundels)- do you see something suspicious?


That does help a bit :slight_smile: It looks like your data is being filtered out because the Title (as indicated by the 19. title) of the object (I’m assuming it will be an event), doesn’t match the event.pulseName object from the first module.

So either something changed there, or it’s unable to get things via the GraphQL query earlier out of Monday.

It’s a shame the Monday guys don’t want to help you, and if you’re not too familiar with Make, it can be challenging to find the exact cause of this. But let’s give it a try :slight_smile:

If you click on a history run of the scenario, and on that first module (the one with the lightning icon) there will be a number in a circle on the top right of that module. If you click that, you can see the data that’s being sent through. And in there, you should be able to find the details of that event.pulseName. It should show you the exact name of the event.

You can then check the same number bubble on the 19th module (so the one just before that filter you click on now). Where you’ll be able to find the title object.

Hope it helps!

Thomas - Nola Digital



Based on the historical screenshot, it seems that this scenario has utilized only 4 operations. This indicates that the scenario might not have executed fully. Since the update module is the last one, the scenario should ideally involve at least 6 operations to ensure successful updating of the column.

As the scenario runs only 4 operations, it’s likely that no modules are executing after the iteration. This could be due to the absence of data being transferred to the subsequent modules.

You can verify this by checking the output of each module after running the scenario.

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hi Nola Digital

Thank you very much for your assistance and explanations. I very appreciate it.
It’s possible that we altered some of the event titles, but this didn’t disrupt the automation for a significant period; it continued to function properly. However, a few days ago, it abruptly ceased to work. I observed that it’s now failing to function with events whose names I haven’t modified as well. Currently, it’s malfunctioning with all events. How is this possible?

Hi @Nathalie_Matter ,

I am not a Monday expert, and i agree with the previous answers, none of the actions passed the filters requirements.
However, the automation seems to be launched immediately after a certain action was done, and regarding to the execution log you had provided, its seems that it happens really really often, which is strange, i guess that all the people do not change statuses every minutes (or less).
Maybe the trigerring of the automation is not well used.


Check in monday that the webhook is triggering at the correct time - that the trigger is correct.