Scenario with intermittent operation

gravity forms
If someone can help me with a problem that I have.

I have a scenario between gravity forms and brevo (sendinblue), I need to send the data from my gravity forms to my brevo account so that a new contact is created.

I have 7 different forms of gravity forms, in the connection configuration I have not selected any of the 7 forms (the field is blank) according to the configuration information if no form is selected they will all be observed when the trigger is activated, without However, although I have new forms in the queue, these are not processed, I have only managed to process 1 and the scenario stops completing all the steps, as if there were no new data to be processed.

As a test I have configured the connection by selecting a form and something similar happens to me, it only works the first time after finishing the configuration but later I can no longer get the queued forms to be transferred, I also start a new scenario with new connections from the API keys but the problem continues.

I even follow the step-by-step graphic tutorial to create a scenario but I have not been able to correct the problem

I will appreciate all the help you can give me since I have no experience or technical knowledge I am my own boss

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hi, there you can use common webhook for all forms.
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