Seeking Solutions for Limiting Linked Records in Airtable for Mailchimp Campaigns

I’m working on a project involving the ‘Schedule Campaign’ table in Airtable and need advice on implementing a specific logic.

Problem Statement:
In the ‘Schedule Campaign’ table, users can add an investor and link multiple startups. This data is then used to create a Mailchimp campaign based on a template that only accommodates data for up to 6 startups. The challenge is ensuring that no more than 6 startups are added per campaign, as the system currently allows adding more linked records than needed.

Current Ideas:

  1. UI Prompt: Add a text note in the Interface requesting users to add only 6 startups. However, this relies on user compliance and doesn’t prevent the addition of more records.
  2. Airtable Automation Script: Implement a script to check each row for more than 6 linked startups. Excess startups would be moved to a new row with duplicated investor details. This approach involves scripting, which deviates from a pure no-code solution.
  3. Make Integration: Leverage Make to construct the campaign by fetching sets of six startups for each investor. The limitation here is that Make doesn’t support dynamic routing, making it challenging to split the data for separate campaigns if an investor is linked to more than six startups.
    I am exploring no-code solutions and would greatly appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, or alternative approaches from the community.