'Send Email' SMTP questions

Hi I’m trying to send an email with a HTML content. I connected all the necessary parameters when I run the scenario, it successfully run it, but I didnt get the test email.

Do I need to check any other things?

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To send emails via SMTP, you’ll need to set up or select an SMTP server provider , either provided by your email service provider or configured independently. Ensure you’re using the correct port number for your SMTP server, typically 25, 587, or 465, depending on your provider’s specifications. Most SMTP servers require authentication, so make sure to provide the necessary username and password. Additionally, enable TLS/SSL encryption for secure communication between your email client or application and the SMTP server. When sending attachments, encode them properly and include them within your email message. Following these steps should facilitate smooth email sending via SMTP.


To send emails via SMTP, choose an SMTP service provider or set up your own. Use the correct port (25, 587, or 465). Most require a username and password. Enable TLS/SSL for security. Properly encode attachments. These steps will help you send emails smoothly with an SMTP service provider.