Separate First Name, Last Name and Email address from Email Sender (GMail) and add to 3 columns in Google Sheet & GoHighLevel Contact


I am trying to pull First Name, Last Name and Email address from Emails as they come into a specific folder (GMail) and add to 3 columns in Google Sheet and Create a GHL (GoHighLevel) contact.

So far I can pull the Name and Email address from the folder in question, and make sure it’s only grabbing emails sent to me, and does not include my replies that are also in the folder, and then route to both, but it will only give me the whole name (Ex: Thad Barnes) on one line, rather than First and Last as two separate fields.

I would like to separate the First and Last name because contacts in GHL are added as separate First and Last name, else they end up with both names in the “First Name” field in the contact.

Also I would like them separated so that my google sheet can be populated in the same way (EX: First Name | Last Name | Email Address

I’m guessing I need a text parsing function, but I’ve no clue at all how to use those.

Or maybe there’s a better way to build the mouse-trap. I’m open to any methods.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!


Hey @Thad_Barnes

You can use split function here like this

And use the get function where you want to map values.

Or you can combine both functions like this.
This method will not require any extra operations.


Thank you for the help Growstacks!

Quick question how do I get the variables to add properly like you show for “1.Name”

And also, what do I want the Variable lifetime set at?


you can map sender name here


I don’t know how to map the sender name. Can you elaborate?

Also what do I want the Variable lifetime set at?

Sorry for all the noob questions. I’m not very good at this stuff. :frowning:


You can map the sender’s name by clicking on it.

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Can you be more specific please?

Clicking on it where? In which app? And where in that app?

I don’t see the senders name in my setup.

In your first screenshot, you’ve highlighted the sender name in the output bundle.

This same variable should be available for you to select in the variables panel, that only pops up when you have a module’s field focused with your keyboard cursor. Click on the module you want to map the variable into, then click on the field.

If you see the variables panel popup, you might need to select the first tab within it.

If you’d join the discord server, you can arrange a screenshare so others can guide you though it.

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Hey @Thad_Barnes

This video will help you



I could map the info from the Gmail module. I just didn’t realize that’s what you meant.

In your example, you had 1.Name in light purple. I thought there was some other magic mapping I wasn’t getting.

Now I see. Thank you kindly for the video. Super Helpful!