Set multiple variables from multiple Bundles

I have an escenario where i’m getting a bunch of bundles from a trello list. Those bundles have a Text variable wich is the description. In that description i have to extract the email to generate a new array with ONLY the emails

Im able to extract the email using a function (image attached), BUT It only works with the first Item of the Array, obviously

I need to generate a new LIST using this function, extracting all the emails.

Is there a module where i can do this in 1 go? (generating the list applying the Function)

I’m thinking something like in code you would do:

list = for(every item in the array){
use the function

Not that good with code but something similar to tht

All images attached

Thank you

Put your Set Variable module before your Array Aggregator.


how would you do that? wouldn’t that only work for 1 bundle?

also, in the set variable module, im using the array generated by the aggregator in my function

You would use the Set Variable in the middle, and use the output of the iterator “desc” as value to split.
Change this and you get the proper value for all items in the iterator


No, that module will execute for each bundle, before you aggregate your bundles into a single array.

Next time give it a try first.


Beautiful. 1 last question. i have 50 bundles in the Search for cards modules. and if i do this, when the Set variable module activates, I spend 50 operations. Is there an optimizes way to do this without spending ad much operations?

thank you

If instead of Array Aggregator you can use Text aggregator, then use Text parser to match all emails and then Text Aggregate again.


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