Strava integration - How to only access my Activities?


I am trying to reach my training from Strava to Notion.

I don’t understand how to only enable access to my personal data.

The webhook seems to reach for all athlete and activity on strava.
I can put a filter for my personal activity, but it will use sooooo many ressources…

The scenario I was thinking about was :

But on Get an Activity , if I map it, and use 1. Objet ID , it seems to grant me with random information from anyone.

If I don’t Map it, I have only access to my personal data, but can’t do anything automatic with it…

Does someone manage to use it ?


Please try List Activities module as trigger and use filter conditions based on start date - end date and owner ID to avoid repetition of activity processed and to get your/ specific user’s activity,


Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks.