Synchronizing WordPress and airtable (esp. pictures)

I want to synchonize airtable with WordPress through Integromat. There are fields in WordPress from a third-party plugin called SummitSuite, which are filled too.

This works quite well, but still have problems to connect the pictures, that were uploaded.

Also in the rewriting process, fields are not emptied, who were emptied in airtable.
Maybe someone can help or has an idea, how I can manage this?


This should be useful for you.

Quick Tips :)?

If you still run into problems get in touch with us. We should be able to help you easily :slight_smile:

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@Swantje_Gebauer was this useful?

Thank you, but the third party still is the problem, and I am no developer. I just understand some basic coding…
So I did some manually work, that I wanted to avoid this time…