Update a Monday Table Status by Scanning a QR Code


I have a Monday inventory table filled with a list of products for which I have three types of information (in three columns): its Name, its QR Code (.png image) and is Status. Now I want to scan any of my products’ QR code and that action would trigger Monday to find the corresponding item for which it’ll make a Status update.

How should I build my Scenario? Which app should I use? I have Make on my phone and saw that there’s a QR Scan option. I tried that and the scans arrived in a queue on the web version of Make on my Macbook, but I don’t know how to process them. Otherwise I’ve tried using Webhooks connected with the Scan QR Code Shortcut for iPhone, but that doesn’t seem to work neither.

Could you help me build my Scenario?

Thank you!

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Hi @schen,

I haven’t worked with the Make iOS app before so correct me if I am mistaken regarding this. Not sure exactly what your use case for this is, But I assumed that you just want to scan and then update Make.com for it. So, You need to set up your scenarios so it looks like this,

  1. Apple iOS > Watch barcode/ QR Code Module
  2. The previous module should give you any relevant information regarding the Product that you will now need to use to Search Monday.com, for eg, if it returns a SKU code and you have a column in Monday.com, you will need to setup; Monday.com > Search Items in Boards by Column Values
  3. And, for the last step, Use Monday.com > Update Column Value of a Specific Item
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