Wait before performing an action

Hi everyone, this is my first post :slight_smile:

This is probably an obvious question, but I haven’t found any documentation on this.

I would need to create a scenario that works like this:

Trigger: A PayPal subscription cancellation occurs…

Action 1: Check the expiry date of your subscription on a Google Sheet (each subscription is marked on Google Sheet)

Action 2: Send a confirmation email to the user

Action 3: wait for the day of the subscription date (see action 1)

Action 4: Delete the user from the service

This is to allow users to cancel their subscription and continue to use the service until the agreed date.

Could anyone give me a suggestion on how to make this delay?

Thank you so much!

Hey @grow ,

As per your concern this will be the scenario

The first webhook will trigger when subscription cancel occurs you have to set the webhook there and in last module you have to make API call to delete user as I can see there is no such direct module.


Hi, why can’t I use MailChimp’s “unsubscribe” action instead of the API call? Anyway, the scenario you drew for me all runs at the same time, right? I would need to wait for the expiration time.

For example…

Let’s say I sign up today and pay for my subscription on PayPal for 1 month.

Now my subscription will expire on October 14, 2023.

After signing up, I cancel my subscription.

At this point I expect the subscription to be canceled by PayPal immediately, but the MailChimp subscription must remain active until October 14, 2023.

I hope I was clear :slight_smile:
Thank you!