Webhook Delay Calendly Events

Hello Community,

Our scenario is live, and I am encountering an issue with two webhook data events that arrive within a second of each other during a reschedule via Calendly.

The first event is not yet completed in creating a new person in PipeDrive, and the second event occurs so quickly that it can’t find the person, because it’s still creating… resulting in the creation of duplicates in our CRM system.

Could someone please guide me on how to add a delay in receiving new data? A 10-second delay should suffice.

I attempted to use the Sleep tool, but encountered the same problem because the events arrive within a second of each other. Consequently, the Sleep tool delays each event for 10 seconds independently.

Is it possible to use the Sleep tool only when the person bundles output is 0?

Thank you all in advance for your assistance and guidance in helping me find a solution.

Click on the scenario settings gear icon on the bottom.

Select “Sequential processing”: Yes



Thank you very much @samliew !!!