Webhook to AirTable that allows people to fill in an empty field which would be long text field in AirTable

Hi. I’ve got a complaint base created. That base gets filled by an airtable form and then once the complaint is assigned an automation email is sent to a relevant department to either change the status to acknowledge the complaint in airtable or to let us know why that department won’t deal with it. We want people without airtable accounts to interact with our base in specific places (status field or the long text field where people state why they won’t deal with it).

The change of status is something that I managed to do with make webhook.
What I struggle with is, how to give people option to fill in a field in airtable using a webhook.
Could someone point me in right direction or offer some steps to do as I’m struggling to find anything relevant.

Alterantively, if filling a field is not possible, perhaps allowing people to create a field with their response that would create a new field in airtable would be something I could live with.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Make community!

What is a “complaint base”? Some screenshots of it and your current scenario/workflow would be helpful.


Hi. Thank you for your response.
On complaint2 picture I show the webhook link in first two oval, the third oval (in blue)shows the field that I’d like to be populated somehow with the help of the webhook which is shown on complaint 3 picture. If you need some more info let me know.