Whatsapp Integration

Hi everybody,

I have a question.

I try to integrate whatsapp in an automation and I had to migrate to Whatsapp business.
In the process, I had to cancel my whatsapp account to create a pro one.

So I got out of my normal whatsapp and could get back in the business one.

I always have the “temporary not avalaible” message.

Did you meet this issue ? Did you find a solution ?


To use WhatsApp Official API, you will have to completely delete the Whatsapp business account from that number.

Then follow the instructions in this documentation. https://www.make.com/en/help/apps/communication/whatsapp-business-cloud#whatsapp-business-cloud

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Manish Mandot

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Cool !

But can I do it from outside the app… as explained I cannot install it anymore… so can i do it from the web without having whatsapp installed on my phone ?

Hi, I had to change my phone number to be able to go back in the Whatsapp Business… now, it’s ok

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Hello there @Philippe_Tschanun :wave:

I just wanted to quickly say thanks very much for jumping back in here and updating the community on your progress. We 100% appreciate it :pray:

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