Own WhatsApp number does not send a message, test number works

Hey, I’ve been struggling with the WhatsApp Business Cloud for days. Unfortunately, I can’t get messages to be sent from my own number. Template messages as a start do not work either. Only the test number works in everything.

  • Methods of payment are stored
  • System user with Whatsapp rights
  • Token works
  • and much more…

I don’t get an error message for my own number in the Business Manager either, but it never arrives.

My question/assumption would be:

  • Do webhooks need to be set up in the Facebook app? I only wanted to use it for Make.com, not for my website.

  • Does my ‘business’ on Facebook have to go through verification first? My WhatsApp number is verified! Code received etc. worked.

As you can see in the screenshot, there is a yellow message on the app page, but when I click on ‘View more’ there is no error in the overview.