When new post on wordpress

Hello community !

I try to build a very simple workflow.

When new post is “publish” on wordpress then do the rest of the flow…

I have 2 questions :

  1. when i tried the “watch post” and run manually i got post from very old date (2017,2020,…) i dont see any logic on it.

  1. I want that the automation run each time a post is “published” but when i try in “live” eg :
    A. i activate only this step on make
    B. i create a fake post on wordpress and published

I don’t see anything happen in log of the make scenario.

Could you help plz :wink: ?

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Welcome to the Make community!

Go to the Epoch Panel, by right-clicking on the trigger module (polling triggers only), and select “Choose where to start” from the list of options in the context menu.

If you select “From now on”, the next time the scenario runs it will only return new data (or nothing if there is no new data).

For more information, see

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